Say goodbye and just carry on. (jasonhogart) wrote,
Say goodbye and just carry on.

albums in 2008.

= Not enjoyable at all, please avoid at all costs.
= Tolerable music, but I probably won't listen to more than one or two songs from this album again
= Majority of the album was enjoyable, it won't become part of my daily playlist but I'll probably listen to it more than once
= Whole album was good, I'll more than likely to this on a regular basis
= Loved it so much, I'll probably listen to it daily. Download it now!!

1. Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream
Favorite Songs - "Human", "How Many Words", "1000 Miles", "What'cha Got 2 Lose", "Here's My Hello"

2. Jordin Sparks- Jordin Sparks
Favorite Songs- "Virginia Is For Lovers", "One Step At A Time"

3. Jessie Daniels - Jessie Daniels
Favorite Songs - "Hello/goodbye", "It's No Wonder", "Everyday"

4. Stephanie Mcintosh - Tightrope
Favorite Songs - "So Do I Say Sorry First?", "Sink Like A Stone", "Mistake"

5. Between The Trees - The Story And The Song
Favorite Songs - "The Way She Feels", "White Lights & Red Lights", "Words"

6. Danity Kane - Welcome To The Doll House
Favorite songs - "Damaged", "Key To My Heart", "Poetry"

7. Julianne Hough - Self Titled
Favorite songs - "That Song In My Head"

8. PureNRG - Here We Go Again
Favorite songs - "More", "Get Up", "Any Which Way"

9. Stephanie Smith - Not Afraid
Favorite songs - "Beauty", "Over it", "Get Up"
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